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Featured Supplier


DIRTY ARM FARM enjoys great recognition throughout the Oregon Cannabis Industry. Through innovative Cannabis Products like the DIRTY ARM FARM Lean Back Sizurp and Sublingual Dropz, DIRTY ARM FARM has quickly established itself as a leader with a commitment to high standards and quality Cannabis Flower and Infused Products.


Featured Retailer

Bloom Well

Bloom Well is a community dispensary that provides safe access to medical marijuana in a judgement-free environment. We strive to interact consciously and thoughtfully with everyone in our community. Bloom Well wants our clients and staff to feel cared for, to be recognized as important members of society, and to leave our facility inspired to be positive ambassadors for cannabis — because together, we bloom well.

We are a comfortable, safe, consultative place to access medicine that has been stigmatized and criminalized for ages. Patients have been self-medicating in isolation, feeling guilt and shame, for much of their lives. We intend to change patients’ perception of their own relationship to cannabis, and to change the community’s perspective of this misunderstood plant.

We strive to operate in a model that is based upon compassion and legal integrity. Bloom Well operates in strict compliance with the letter and the spirit of Oregon’s medical cannabis laws.

Why Highly Distributed?

Comprehensive Supply Network

We work with suppliers across all Cannabis product verticals. Our focus is on placing highl quality products with Retailers that will accurately and honestly represent our Suppliers with similar standards as their own.

Extensive Retail Network

We work with Dispensaries throughout Oregon. We can effectively and consistently augment or replace existing direct to supplier relationships in a single, easily managed relationship. Our focus is on empowering both Retailers and Suppliers to streamline their supply chain management requirements.

Targetted Support Network

Our focus is on maximizing the success of our Retailers and Suppliers. We work with Labs, Design & Engineering Firms, Security Companies, and more to help augment the brands in our network.

What our customers say

“…it feels as though you are so much more than just a vendor to us, you are family…”

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